The action will begin upon returning to the table where you will find a coaster-sized disk at each seating, they will all be turned on the red side, giving you time to enjoy the first course.

As the salad quickly vanishes, side orders will be brought to the Table, such as mashed potatoes, white rice, beans, fried polenta, fried plantains, Fresh cassava meal called “farofa”, and an addictive cheese bread Called “pao de queijo”.

The main course, the highlight of the meal, will start when you flip your coaster-sized “chip” from the red side to the green side, signaling the meat cutter that you’re ready to be served. 

The cuts of beef may be unfamiliar to many as they are precisely cut to perfection by a Brazilian butcher that assures that every skewer will only bare prime meat.

The meat cutters are the Bruce Lee of skewering.

One by one they parade around at your table, skewer in hand, with a variety of meats.


If that is not enough, Tribeca will grace you with the surprise of the day; a whole salmon, and even an entire roasted suckling pig makes its round about the dining room on a cart to be carved at your table side.

It's an amazing parade of delectable meats, not to mention a great performance that goes on until you surrender and the disk go back to red. Sooner or later you will cry; Mercy! And then it will be time for dessert...

The Dessert





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